▪️Weapon (NFT)

THE NEXT WORLD is a shooter game in which firearms and bullets are crucial component. Each weapon demonstrates as an NFT and possesses different functions, appearances and attributes. It is fundamental to TNW as players must obtain one before entering ranking match.

Weapon Rarity

Weapons are to be classified into 6 different rarities:

  • D | C | B | A | S | S+

D represents the most common, whereas S+ represents the rarest which is barely available in the market.

Weapon Upgrade

Upgrades are available for TNW weapons. Each time a weapon is upgraded, its reward attributes get a boost.

Weapon Skin

Weapon skin is changeable. Kudos on your one-of-a-kind skin! A variety skin can be purchased on the Marketplace.

Weapon Usage

There is a daily usage limit for TNW weapons. To ensure all players a fair system, no player will be allowed to use a single weapon throughout the day and night.

Weapon Lifespan

TNW weapons has a lifespan. Its purpose is to maintain a healthy ecology. Different levels of rarity result in varying longevity.

Weapons loadouts can be purchased or exchanged through the Marketplace.

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