▪️THE NEXT WORLD | The Sandbox

We're taking an exciting first step toward letting players to use the same NFTs collectibles for both play and party across The Sandbox. Consider the possibility that your NFT collectibles can now be used in BOTH universes! Within THE NEXT WORLD, you may now assemble your favorite army, throw parties and socialize across The Sandbox!

Land in The Sandbox with coordinates 117,-48 has been acquired by THE NEXT WORLD. We plan to use the games and NFTs protocol to connect blockchains all across metaverse, enabling for a seamless bridging experience between blockchains.

Imagine you can use the same NFTs collectibles having fun not only in THE NEXT WAR metaverse but also in The Sandbox!

Photo source: The Sandbox Metaverse

What are your options there? Meet up with your squad, mingle with the community, showcase your latest NFT collectibles, play mini-games, watch tournaments and hold your victory party there!

Rather of having shoot outs all day in the battlefield, our objective is to create a UNIVERSAL METAVERSE where people may pursue their specific interests within the gaming metaverse.

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