▪️Soldier - Avatar (NFT)

First Genesis Soldier Avatar NFT (Limited to 1000 units) - RARE

Genesis Soldier in THE NEXT WORLD is limited among all soldiers avatars. This is also the rarest in the market. Apart from having a phenomenal outlook that you can showcase in the game, there will be lucrative benefits attached with the Genesis Soldier.

  • Transaction fees across the TNW marketplace

  • Profit-sharing from all NFT minting sales

  • Stake to receive tokens as reward

  • Free NFTs are to be airdropped from time-to-time

All of these opportunities are available to Genesis Soldier owners. Terms & conditions apply.

Get yourself whitelisted, and stay tuned for more info to be released.

TNW Soldier NFT Avatar

Soldier NFT Avatar in THE NEXT WORLD NFT come in variety types and quantities. Each of them is unique and remarkable. The incentives for NFT staking were based on the soldier's rarity. TNW Soldier is critical to certain acquisitions as it raises the bar for all Soldiers and helps the ecosystem as a whole.

Soldier Tier

There are six ranks for every soldier(from Tier 1 to Tier 6). Tier 1 are extremely rare, Tier 6 are the most common in the market. As one moves up the hierarchy, one's hash rate rises, and this, in turn, leads to a better yield.

Forge & Melt (Level Up)

Augmentation, on the other hand, increases the need for TNW NFTs, as players must sacrifice soldier NFT to level up their soldier.

Players can purchase Soldier avatars via the Marketplace, but there will be a mint limit per wallet address.

Gear up & enter the battlefield. Annihilate your opponents, take over control and monetize!

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