THE NEXT WORLD is a Call of Duty-inspired multiplayer online shooter set in a Shoot-To-Earn metaverse. Shooting games are, without a doubt, the most popular among all game genres!

The combination of blockchain and gaming has vast potential, and shooter games has always been the most popular genre among gamers, with a CAGR of 13% to 125.58 Billion 2028. However, currently there are no enjoyable blockchain-based Battle Royale games for shooter enthusiasts.

Product Accountability

Despite the fact that the P2E industry has developed dramatically over the last two years, there is still a scarcity of appealing games with dynamic combat systems on the blockchain. Because of its unchallenging gaming mechanism, the bulk of P2E games doesn't really attract conventional gamers. The Next World's mission is to establish a new benchmark for Play to Earn games, optimizing the gameplay, and provide immersive battle system that traditional gamers expect. The project went through multiple modifications to achieve a relatively similar level of excellence to game classics like PUBG and Call of Duty.

The Next World yearns to invite players from all around the world on board to experience the world's first GameFi shooter game with world-class tournament. The project has gathered a team of experienced, innovative gamers and crypto/non-fungible fanatics in developing the most popular shooter game into the metaverse. Devoted to offer a high-quality GameFi shooting adventures to players of different abilities. The objective is to be the best decentralized E-Sports game in the metaverse, and we are committed to making this a reality in the future.

According to market research conducted by The Next World, the potential GameFi industry is expected to develop significantly. The crypto MarketCap is $2 trillion USD, whereas the GameFi industry is $58 billion USD. With the proliferation of the metaverse and the ever-changing world of gaming, we are certain that this is the future. In addition, other studies were also conducted for the global gaming market and the shooter game industry. The current global gaming market is worth $229 billion USD and is projected to grow from $229.16 billion USD in 2021 to $545.98 billion USD in 2028. According to estimates, the market for shooter games is currently worth $46.7 billion and is predicted to grow to $125.58 billion by 2028.

However, captivating and retaining conventional gamers’ interest is a concern for blockchain game developers. Most projects place their priorities on earning rather than playing. We trust that with the implementation of E-Sports in The Next World we will attract our target demographic of dedicated conventional players by offering entertaining and exciting alternatives for them whilst being able to monetize.

Unleash your martial spirit with THE NEXT WORLD

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