▪️Guild War

- One Guild, One Goal -


The shooting adventures of THE NEXT WORLD also featured in Guild War. In Guild War, players compete against each other once a week for our weekly event in a 60-players match(30v30). Robot and tank NFTs can be used to participate(To buy or rent from the Marketplace).


To be qualified, a guild has to be formed and certain conditions apply.

How to participate

To enter Guild War, the guild has to bid in order to participate, and only the top 3 bidders will get it.


The flash in this game mode is more lethal, and there’s more loot to make up for the teams’ sizes. The winning guild will be rewarded in our TNC tokens, TNG tokens or NFTs. The victorious guild will remain on top of the leaderboard and waits for the next guild to challenge them. The final winner is entitled to a pass or to participate the exclusive guild war mission. As part of the award, the eventual winner will receive a pass to the unique guild war mission.

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