World’s First GameFi shooter game with world-class tournament

THE NEXT WORLD is a blockchain-based Battle Royale inspired by Call of Duty. A shooter game featuring world-class tournament bringing shooter enthusiasts to a whole new level of extreme gaming.

Enhance your weaponry and make your super-soldier stronger in a variety of ways! Our mission is for you to have a wild time with the world’s first shooter base Game-Fi that is built with the Unreal Engine! We are committed to providing the most optimal visual experience ever to all of our honorable soldiers!

TNW ecosystem broadens accessibility, allowing everyone to participate in world-class competition in a decentralized manner. Furthermore, TNW is backed by an experienced game developer and has significant strong connections with several eSport communities.

TNW also serves as an auditorium for anyone who wants to Watch-To-Earn, allowing anyone to make money simply by watching the game.

Meanwhile, we're taking an exciting first step for users to use the same NFTs collectibles to play and parties across The Sandbox. To learn more.

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