New Dimension of Gaming Experience

THE NEXT WORLD is developed by using the Unreal Engine (The Most Powerful Real-Time 3D Creation), a comprehensive set of tools for anybody working with real-time technology. It gives creators in a variety of sectors the freedom and power they need to create cutting-edge entertainment, captivating visualizations, and immersive virtual environments.

Third-Person Perspectives

THE NEXT WORLD is developed in a Mobile version and third-person shooter (TPS) viewpoints.

Diverse Map Options

Set in several expansive map sites such as wild country ridge, desolated city and many more. Adventure with different combat zone to enhance your gaming experiences.

A blockchain-based Battle Royale GameFi built with Unreal Engine, set in diversified maps for your desires, with the exquisite NFT Soldiers & Weapons, vehicles and sounds of war all contribute to realism, immersing you in the most intense combat zone ever!

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